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Where Are You Going?

Jay Hostetler On a recent trip it struck me that the crowded rental car shuttle bus had people going to the same place. In the moment we all had to get to the terminal. We were all going to the…

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Changing Seasons

 Jay Hostetler, April 16, 2015 Spring has finally come to West Michigan. My first round of golf tomorrow can’t wait! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, tulips are blooming, it’s awesome. Life here has a seasonal rhythm and…

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The Better Burger Approach

  Jay Hostetler, April 10, 2015 On a recent business trip I was planning on watching the semi-final games of the NCAA basketball tournament. In between games I needed to grab a quick dinner. I noticed a menu in my…

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Happy “April Pools Day”

  Donna Hostetler, April 1, 2015 Yes, pools, not fools! Many pools around Washington State host April Pools Day events. Pretty cool and so smart. These are two-hour events designed by local community pools to encourage water safety activities. Many…

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