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A Child Noticed

Jay Hostetler, December 13, 2015

We recently hosted a Christmas party with a group of our former ministry staff and their families. The group of over 20 people enjoyed a fun evening of food, games and conversation. At the end of the evening as good-byes were said and families piled into their vehicles to head home, one of the children noticed that a couple of Christmas deer in our yard were moving their heads. The motor keeps those deer making an ever slight movement, but she noticed!

Every time you open your doors for ministry, kids notice things.

  • Smells
  • Sounds
  • Other kids
  • How they are received into the room
  • How songs are led and sung; how stories are told
  • How adults react
  • The appearance of the room

The truth is kids pay attention. Maybe even more than the adults that serve them. Okay, so what?!

Two learning points:

  1. Think about what the kids in your ministry are noticing. Is it the best it can be?
  2. Take some time to notice kids around you. Interact with them, take note of what they see and think about it.

Kids are honest, unfiltered, humorous and insightful. Enjoy the journey of spending time with God’s gift to us, our kids! And be sure your children’s ministry is a positive learning space for them.  Evaluate, and elevate it if it’s not leaving the best impression on the kids who enter your doors.

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