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Church Plant Cords, Cables, & Competition?

Donna Hostetler, March 29, 2015

This morning it was our awesome privilege to be a part of a church plant pre-launch Sunday in Downers Grove, IL. Next Sunday, Easter morning will be the exciting official launch of City Wave church.

The list for pulling together a church in a high school or a theater is enormous. Early in the morning, we observed the arrival of coffee, donuts (the fun stuff) along with indoor and outdoor Nimlok signs, plants, pencils, laptops, and people. This doesn’t begin to cover the huge bundles of audio equipment or cords and cables necessary to equip the main platform. The undertaking is both painstakingly and rewardingly massive! We have been involved in other plants and appreciate the journey. It is an intense commitment week after week.

After about an hour of prep, an interesting thing happened. The pastor of a church across the street came in the door. He was aware of the potential plant, saw the signs out front, and came in. He met briefly with Jason Nelson, Lead Pastor and asked if he could pray for everyone. A group gathered and he shared words of encouragement. He proceeded to pray for blessing on this new outreach and on all of those involved as he recognized the need in his community for many more individuals and churches to catch the vision to reach the lost. Wow!

Joining hands to reach the lost—just what the kingdom should be about. Unfortunately, often churches seem to be competing rather than collaborating in their communities. God bless Pastor Tom Robertson of Gloria Dei Lutheran and Jason Nelson at City Wave as they fulfill their calls and promote the kingdom.

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