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Athletes, musicians, and ministry leaders–everyone needs a coach, someone who brings experience and expertise as a mentor to listen, advise, challenge and encourage.

Coaching helps the ministry leader discover their strengths, identify growth edges, develop in their value for the greater team and be encouraged in their aspirations. Takeaways for the ministry leader often include better team management, new ministry strategies, collaboration and innovation ideas, and focus on balance between ministry and personal life.

MinistryWave coaching programs:

We offer hourly coaching on a monthly basis with an open-ended agreement to the client. We want to address your particular concerns in a timetable that works for you.

As a MinistryWave team, we have spent hundreds of hours in face to face, FaceTime or phone coaching. The experience of working with multiple churches allows us to expand our learnings between churches and leaders, providing a greater perspective and value to our clients.

The range of leaders we serve includes:  Lead pastors, Executive pastors, Next Gen, Kids, Students, Worship pastors
Focus for conversations are tailored to the client’s need but may include:

If you don’t have a ministry coach, we’re ready to listen, encourage and challenge you. We offer a free initial hour to meet you and explain how we can help you.

For more information on Coaching, contact us at 616-218-8895

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