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Ministry Strategy

Jay Hostetler

I love college football! I will quickly admit that I spent many hours on a recent Saturday watching the young men pass the pigskin.  Most of us get excited about potential upsets; it’s fun to root for the underdog. As I was totally engaged between my Coke and snacks, I began to focus on the role of the coach. These guys have a tough job, many of their best athletes are 19 or 20 years old. The expectations for winning are intense.

Several years ago, on a cross-country flight I had the privilege of having a discussion with a college football coach. He described a life of watching game film, sleepless nights, an active ulcer, and his employment measured by the win/loss record. We discussed why he does it. His answer was not surprising, but it was meaningful. He loved the challenge and he loved coaching young men toward excellence.

At MinistryWave, we find ourselves in a variety of coaching roles. We may be leading emerging leaders, or maybe teammates that have come to the church staff from the marketplace. We might be coaching through dynamic ministry transitions or a ministry environment that is stuck. 

In the world of coaching, often I am asked to direct a leader on a new path of strategy and execution. I love this realm of innovation as it can be life giving to the leader and usually the church.  Sometimes I feel like a good friend who is listening to a lonely, isolated leader. Sometimes I am affirming and celebrating ministry wins. After spending years coaching ministry leaders, I have decided to spend the rest of my ministry season totally focused on dialogs with church leaders. (Fortunately, it never gives me an ulcer!)

In every conversation I am grateful for the opportunity to dialog with ministry leaders. I started MinistryWave to leverage my experiences of over 30 years of staff ministry. My wife and son also coach leaders in a variety of areas. Maybe you or someone on your team needs some ministry coaching. Contact us for info on our approach. Do you need a coach?  Give me a call at 616-218-8895 to talk about the possibilities where we could come alongside you.

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