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Exciting, Growing Spaces

We love the excitement that surrounds breaking ground and growing spaces for children’s or student ministries. Today we walked and taped the added space of a church expanding. We dreamed with leaders about the halls, the walls and ceilings, the check-in space, the nursery cubbies and bathrooms. It’s a fresh canvas of opportunity to reach more families, more kids for Jesus.

Decisions regarding facility space are critical from the earliest architectural concepts. Our own national experience working with churches large and small has given us insight to assist in the critical decisions regarding age-level locations, allotted square footage per child/student, traffic flow, check-in spaces, technology and lighting, safety and security check-points, bathrooms, unique nursery and preschool space needs, evacuation issues, and connection areas for parents and volunteers.

Often, some of the key decisions are overlooked or not envisioned. It’s an enormous financial investment to do it without all the above considerations. As staff members, we have lived through additions and remodels costing a half a million or more.  We have worked with other churches early in the process to make great choices for the future. Unfortunately, we have also been invited late to the process with churches who have architects that don’t fully understand the needs of children’s or student ministry. This can produce pricey results and disappointment.

Facilities must be inviting, updated, clean, safe and ready for an HGTV generation that cares about their children and the space they place them in for care or ministry. Are you adding or redefining your space? Be sure you have someone in the process assessing and evaluating decisions about the space like the ones we’ve mentioned. Or call us! 616-218-8895.

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