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Ministry Fixer Upper

Jay Hostetler

Growing up I wasn’t gifted in the area of fixing things. My mechanical skills are still limited! Fortunately, my wife Donna has awesome mechanical skills for necessary home projects. Her interest in projects has led her to become an avid follower of Chip and Joanna Gaines from “Fixer Upper” on HGTV and the Magnolia Network. (So much so, I just sent her and my daughter-in-law Jen to Waco for a fun-filled Fixer Upper trip.)

Chip and Jo Gaines, owners of Magnolia Homes in Waco, Texas, and “Fixer Upper” transform dilapidated but potential-rich houses into showplaces that are helping renew neighborhoods throughout central Texas.

Though not a home fixer upper, I (along with Donna) have acquired skills through many years of ministry to help leaders “fix” and improve ministries. Surprisingly, churches sometimes lose the capability to recognize it’s time for a focused “fixer upper” or realize it’s time but may not know the best approach to bring about a makeover. Summer is a great time to take a look and prepare for your Fall “reveal” of changes. Check out our projects, toolbox, and blueprints!

MinistryWave serves churches with a focus on these “FIXER UPPER” PROJECTS: 


The important engine of Children and NextGen programs provides the experiences created to ignite faith.  Through our experience we have observed effective programming for children and students. We can help you design innovative programs that score big with families.

Volunteer Team Building:

We were privileged to serve in a church where, with God’s help, we built a volunteer team from 50 to 400. We can help you with this “fixer upper” with effective ideas for recruiting.

Paid Team Development:

Unmistakably, leaders make the difference in every ministry. We have coached leaders in every level of the church and in many parachurch organizations. We can help provide “fixer upper” solutions for leaders seeking new strategies and ministry approaches.


Ministry space either excites or repels kids and students (or adults). It may be time for a “fixer upper” in your space. Our experience in consulting with churches has provided us with a boatload of knowledge of types of facilities and ideas. Have you looked around at your space? Do you need an objective perspective with fresh eyes? Sometimes the solutions are easy (sometimes more complicated). We can offer ideas and approaches to fix, clean-up or refresh your facility.

Guest Services:

Does your church stand out in the best way to a first-time guest? Do new families find way-finding easy or complicated? Is the check-in process for them easy? Have you asked your guests what they think?  (We can.)  You may need a guest “fixer upper.”


Our toolbox contains passion along with other tactics. We love for churches to excel starting at the front door and throughout the ministries. Each project offers evaluation through conversations with key leaders, families, volunteers and through observation.


We provide recommendations to guide and create beneficial change.  If you need a “fixer upper”, give us a call! 616-218-8895

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