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“Next Gen is the Now Gen”

This profound truth of the Now Gen comes our friend Pastor Erick Penn in Three Rivers, Michigan. We worked with Erick and his team to develop and strengthen their children’s and youth ministry to come under the larger umbrella of Next Gen ministry. This approach is vital for today’s children and youth. Now is the time to connect with them; now is the time to reach and impact their lives for Jesus. NOW. They are the future but they are the Now Gen and we need to place an emphasis on this ministry like never before.

In the last year many parents have spent more intensified time with their kids. They may have realized the need for support in a variety of ways. Some days, young parents with babies and toddlers in drool and diapers feel like their kids will never be teenagers; the parents of a high school junior or senior can’t believe how quickly the time flew by as they watch their student drive off without them to the game. The parenting season is truly short and we, as leaders in the church need to embrace, encourage, and assist parents well.

The Next Gen Renovation journey involves exchanged learnings between children’s and youth ministries and recommends a unified approach to reach and support families in a better way. A Next Gen Ren provides an objective perspective on your present age-level ministries and will help you develop a cohesive approach for team design, recruiting volunteers, provide interconnected programs and transitions, offer celebrations of legacy moments, and extend resources for families in their journey of raising children and students to follow Jesus. 

In this season there are massive opportunities to better connect with parents and help them in the spiritual development of their kids. Let us brainstorm with you to better connect with families. Call us for more information on a Next Gen Ren. 616-218-8895

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