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Next Gen Ren

Renovation:  the process of improving a process or making something new.

Renovation Island is an engaging HGTV series. Canadians Bryan and Sarah Baeumler work to restore an abandoned resort on a small island in the Bahamas. The resort property, with much character and history, was originally built in the 60’s, but it had been abandoned for several years with no recent attention.

The Baumlers saw a vision for the future of the resort and tackled the big project. The end result has been amazing and vacationers are booking rooms for a unique and enjoyable island experience.

So, what’s a Next Gen Renovation? Have you taken a recent thorough look at your Children’s or Youth Ministry and evaluated how well they are functioning? Do they have a cohesive ministry approach and well-defined transitions between age levels, i.e. 5th grade to Middle School, Middle School—High School? Are parents supported and equipped equally with resources from Birth—High School? Are there gaps in communication at any age level? Do parents understand their role in the spiritual development of their children? Do their kids want to attend ministry offered at the church?

At MinistryWave, we’ve found that there’s often a silo approach to these age-level areas. In many on-site evaluations we’ve heard from parents and volunteers that there’s no correlation between Children’s and Youth ministries. For parents, this can be frustrating. 

We believe in a unified and strategic design and sometimes it requires a Renovation in thinking and method. We want families to find a holistic approach for ministry for their kids that’s built on a solid foundation. A Next Gen Ren will do that! Ministry should be designed to affectively connect these age groups and support parents and their kids.

Give us a call for more information on a Next Gen Renovation 616-218-8895.

all the renovations done. We can promise you the Next Gen Renovation will be incredibly, significantly, and highly less in cost but a great investment!

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