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Do parents feel encouraged and resourced for growing their kids spiritually?  Do you have a Next Gen model that addresses the needs of Birth through High School? 

Ask any parent how quickly their child grows from a toddler to a teenage driver. Time flies quickly and the time to invest in our kids’ spiritual development is short. At MinistryWave, our Next Gen Renovation is an approach that engages and supports parents and families through a holistic model focus on Birth through High school. It’s a well-designed approach that creates ministry partnership and better transitions between children’s and youth ministries to better serve and equip parents. Its purpose is to eliminate solo ministries and create an ongoing connection to families throughout the changing ages of their kids. And we know that excellent age-level ministries are critical to a church who values engaging families and growing younger.

Our process is to optimize ministry for this important season. The first phase of this project is providing an objective assessment of the present status of children’s and youth ministries. We do this with intentional conversations with present paid team members and a variety of focus groups. From this we tailor next steps direction, leadership development toward age-level teamwork, program and parent engagement.

The next phase of this project provides learnings from on-site conversations along with national comparatives to create a ministry road map for your church. We identify necessary key elements for a new Next Gen ministry model and provide coaching to leaders to make this a positive transition.

We believe in the importance of churches developing a strong Next Gen ministry.   

Call us to see how we can help you with a Next Gen Renovation.  We’re ready to answer any questions you may have about our process. At MinistryWave, it’s a high calling to develop leaders who will make an impact on the next generation.

For more information on a Next Gen Renovation, contact us at 616-218-8895

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