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Donna Hostetler, June 21, 2016

Jay and I are getting ready to celebrate our wedding anniversary tomorrow. Woohoo! Passion is what brought us together (and keeps our marriage strong). Please read on!

The dictionary describes “passion” as:

  1. any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.
  2. strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for music.

We know hundreds of Children’s Ministry leaders who have a (passion) strong enthusiasm for the role they serve. It is a calling for most of them. They love the program, they are engaged with the volunteers, and they believe wholly in the importance of presenting God’s word to the kids. I recently had a conversation with Laura Michalski, the Children’s Ministries Pastor in Plover, WI who radiated with excitement as she shared her love to communicate to kids and make a lasting impression on their young spiritual lives. She spoke with passion for sure! She has even designed and printed temporary tattoos for kids with symbolism of the journey of life from creation to sin, the cross, onto eternal life. What an awesome idea! It allows kids to share their own faith. She loves her mission and is energized by it.

On other occasions we have had conversations with leaders who are exhausted, discouraged, lacking new ideas or direction, frustrated in recruiting volunteers, and ready to quit. And some rarely get to an adult church service, compounding the need for personal and spiritual renewal. Unfortunately, there’s a level of burnout associated with this area of ministry. But there’s hope!

We love to come alongside Children’s and NextGen leaders to help them re-ignite their passion.  We talk with leaders, look objectively at their programs, their team (paid and/or volunteer), the facility, the budget and we make recommendations. This is a Ministry Wave Evaluation and available in two options. Perhaps you have a new leader just getting started and needs a pathway for successful ministry (to avoid burnout), or your present leader needs some new ideas or encouragement. Call us. We love the conversation.

Laura used symbols to create temporary tattoos for her kids’ ministry and gave the kids a leaflet with an explanation of the salvation journey in colors. Cool idea! 

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