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The Deep Dive Technique

Organization, Process, Culture, and Leadership

According to, the History of Deep Dive…“Originally developed by the IDEO group (a learning design company) for rapid product development, the Deep-Dive technique is now widely and increasingly used for innovation not only in product development but process improvement and customer service strategies. This approach to innovation often focuses on four distinct areas: Process, Organization, Culture, and Leadership.”

At MinistryWave, our Deep Dive is also focused on those in-depth looks at all aspects of ministry within the church. We believe in evaluation and striving for excellence. And why wouldn’t we?  As pastors, leaders, and churches, we offer the most life-giving and important message to the world around us.

MinistryWave works with church leadership to look at the Organization and how it functions.

  • Is the team intentionally designed and collaborating well?
  • Is there a healthy organizational chart?  
  • Are there silos of ministry?
  • Are there events or patterns needing to be reconsidered for best future ministry?  


  • Are there systems in place for effective ministry?
  • Is there freedom for ministry expression or are there dysfunctional controls in place inhibiting ministry?
  • Are there appropriate allocations and distributions of budget?


  • Is it healthy?
  • Do staff members work well together with cooperative brainstorming?
  • Are there opportunities for staff regeneration and recreation?
  • Are you growing younger?


  • Is there a focused plan for additional future leadership?
  • Is there a plan for ongoing leadership development, growth, and transitions?

These are just a few examples of Deep Dive conversations brought by MinistryWave. We want your church to be healthy in all areas. We will delve into the issues that concern your church. We will bring the big questions and conversations with leadership and focus groups. We will provide an outside, objective look and a recommendations roadmap. You will be glad you invested in the examination and the future. Call us for more information. 616-218-8895

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