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The Better Burger Approach


Jay Hostetler, April 10, 2015

On a recent business trip I was planning on watching the semi-final games of the NCAA basketball tournament. In between games I needed to grab a quick dinner. I noticed a menu in my hotel room for a nearby burger place that offered great looking burgers and some exciting versions of French fries. I thought—perfect meal plan for my evening.

I ordered the caloric-filled dinner, picked it up and headed to my hotel. To my dismay the end products did not match the gourmet descriptions in the menu. I had fallen prey to the over-promoted and under-delivered products.

Have you been oversold and under-delivered with a product or service? It can be discouraging and in some cases make you angry. You feel foolish and that you were taken advantage of.

In the process of developing ongoing services for churches that MinistryWave serves, we want to provide even more than promised. Excellent, honest service is a choice that requires optimal effort. We love the local church and want it to be the best it can be. We want to provide evaluations that provide solutions to challenges.

In our collaboration with leaders, we want to inspire innovation and assist them toward forward momentum. It’s our goal at MinistryWave to provide the kind of working relationship that leads us to ministry breakthroughs with the local church.

Is your church facing challenges? Need a better burger approach to ministry? We can assist you with an objective evaluation and recommendations. 

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