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The Gold Medal Coach

Donna Hostetler, August 8, 2016

Last night Jay and I watched the Olympics 4×100 men’s freestyle relay swimming event with the team of Michael Phelps, Nathan Adrian, Ryan Held and Caleb Dressel. It was an exciting event watching them swim, work as a team and take the gold. The team was elated and rightly so. Hours upon countless hours along with enormous commitment made this possible. And great coaching. 

Michael Phelps met his coach, Bob Bowman, at the age of 10. Michael states in the forward of Bowman’s new book, The Golden Rules, “From nearly the moment Bob became my coach, he told me this would be our plan: he’d help me set my goals, he’d help me put a plan in place to get me toward meeting those goals, and then he’d help me stay focused on my target…”  Before last night Michael Phelps had 22 Olympic medals, 18 of which are gold, the best record in Olympic history. Michael has followed Bob’s advice on a daily basis, staying focused on a vision and accomplishing his dreams. However, it was not without challenges along the way.

Perhaps the ministry season for you ahead may be a greater season of vision, challenge, and necessary commitment as your church expands and looks to be more creative in on-site ministry venues or outreach.  We believe personal ministry coaching helps leaders set and achieve goals. It provides insights that will bring innovation. It’s not that ministry leaders aren’t qualified or committed to their roles; it’s just that sometimes they need new ideas brought from experience and an objective perspective.

Are your ministry team players being coached?  We provide a variety of programs for leaders. We offer coaching to kidmin, nextgen, family pastors, worship leaders, executive and lead pastors. We can’t give you a gold medal but we can provide inspiration. We love to challenge and encourage leaders.

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