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The Coaching Difference

Jay Hostetler

In early November 2015, Phil Mickelson parted ways with his longtime coach Butch Harmon. During their many years together, Butch was instrumental in helping Phil with multiple tournaments including the iconic Open Championship. In golf there are a variety of coaching points. A golfer’s grip, swing, or stance are the physical parts; mindset would include course management and how to respond to a bad swing or a disastrous hole. Most golfers that have had great pro careers have had a coach. And when you stop to think about it, all successful athletes, from football players to Olympic swimmers, have a coach. Musicians engage a voice coach.  Corporate executives consider a coach the norm.  A coach makes a difference. A coach brings inspiration, guidance, and makes valuable recommendations for their clients based on their own experience and training. Many church leaders understand their need for a coach.

During my ministry career I have had the privilege to coach countless ministry leaders. Butch Harmon coaches swing mechanics. Here has been my shortlist of coaching for ministry leaders:

  • Leading strategically
  • Developing innovative practices
  • Empowering leaders
  • Nurturing your soul
  • How to lead up to your ministry supervisor
  • Building teams
  • Balancing life and ministry

I love coaching ministry leaders. Their desire to improve and be effective is inspiring to me. My goal is to make a difference that positively impacts their ministry. My present coaching clientele includes lead pastors, executive pastors, and nextgen or children’s leaders. Because I am coaching different leaders from different size churches, much crossover learning happens and facilitates shared ideas. Coaching programs vary from 1–4 hours monthly and there’s no pre-determined length of commitment.

I would love to partner with you to be your personal ministry coach. I would leverage my 35 years of ministry experience to encourage you to be your best. Call me if you need a coach! 616-218-8895

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