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The Towel

How do you measure the impact of Next Gen or Children’s ministry?

Sunday was Baptism Sunday at our church—my favorite. I love seeing individuals who are ready to profess their faith. There were many students and a few children who were baptized. As I watched each one, I remembered the towel.

My mom often shared the story with me of a Sunday night when my older teenage brother was sneaking out of our home with a towel. She caught him and noticed the towel. I suppose she thought he was headed to a local lake or creek with friends. When she confronted him, he admitted he was headed to church to be baptized but was afraid she wouldn’t approve. Ironically, my mom had grown up in church but was not serving the Lord and not attending church at that point. My brother who found a local church had made a commitment to Jesus and was ready to follow up with baptism.

This conversation my mom had with her son left her feeling profoundly convicted. She again realized her need to follow Jesus and returned to church. The decision my brother made as a teenager has had a lifelong impact for him, his family, my parents, myself, and now my own kids and grandchildren! When I stop and think about that, it’s crazy. It’s amazing. It’s phenomenal!  One youthful decision impacted our entire family and any others we have hopefully influenced along the way.

I’m not sure who invited my brother to that little church he attended or who led him to the Lord. I don’t know who taught him or encouraged him in his spiritual journey but someone did. I’m grateful for those who are called to serve kids and students. The impact for a lifetime, many life-times can be immeasurable!

No wonder Jesus reprimanded the disciples and encouraged the children to come to Him. He knew the immeasurable possibilities.

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