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The Virtual Executive Pastor

If YOU are an innovative leader, why not consider an innovative approach to add to your team?

WHO Needs a Virtual Executive Pastor? 

Any Lead Pastor who is managing his church and team alone. Any leader who is feeling time pressures, team management stress, loneliness, or maybe criticism; any leader who needs someone outside his team to discuss ministry initiatives and bring his/her ideas to fruition.

Trends indicate that more and more churches, small—large are now realizing the need for this role. The Virtual Executive Pastor provides an effective approach that connects with ministry leaders while allowing the Lead Pastor to focus on preaching, teaching, leadership, vision casting, and multiplication.  It does not require a large annual salary, “relocation expenses” or a benefit package. 

Churches recognize it is a crucial season to grow the church. The pandemic devastated the flock. Now is the time to pivot in reaching the unchurched. Connecting to new attendees is essential. Strategizing and implementation is more important now than ever before. For most pastors, their weekly time is strapped to move forward as desired.

WHAT Does this Role offer?

  • Assist the Lead Pastor in planning, directing and evaluating ministries along with implementation of his/her vision/ideas. Make staffing recommendations.
  • Provide leadership development, coaching, and accountability for ministry leaders. This includes goal setting and evaluation, strategic future direction, and mentoring.
  • Establish key performance measures with the Lead Pastor for a continuous assessment of the effectiveness of all ministry areas.
  • Provide challenge to staff members to think innovatively and creatively for their ministry areas to best facilitate the mission, vision, and values of your church.
  • Provide inspiration for team members to continue to grow in their proficiencies, while helping them as individuals to develop their unique gifts. Work to solve interpersonal conflict or team challenges.
  • Provide quarterly on-site white board training to team.
  • Provide perspective on ministry area budgets.

WHY—The VEP plan is low cost, high benefit. As specialists, we will help you grow and improve your ministries. We will help you delineate next steps for your ideas as we encourage and challenge your team. 

HOW Does it Work?

It is a 2 Step Process. We begin with an on-site Weekend Experience of team connections, communication, observation, and a future strategy conversation. This initial weekend is followed by an annualized program for the year ahead with weekly service observation, scheduled weekly/monthly Zoom engagement, and quarterly on-site visits.

If you think you are ready for a VEP, let’s talk. we would love to hear about your journey, your vision, and give you more insight to the program we offer. Email Jay at or call 616-218-8895.

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