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Warm Welcome?

Donna Hostetler, May 10, 2016

Mother’s Day was a beautiful day though Jay was out of state. I arrived at a local church we’re working with to provide temporary oversight of their children’s ministry while they are in a leadership transition. I got out of my car and was immediately greeted with “Happy Mother’s Day” and escorted into the building by a nice young man. Other young men were waiting for more arrivals. They were prepared for the morning. Little did they know it was my first Mother’s Day without my own mom and I needed the emotional support as well.  I was overwhelmed by the care and impressed!  Inside the lobby, the atmosphere was warmly welcoming as always with gifts and roses for all the ladies. This church understands the value of their guests.

I reflected later upon 3 recent experiences I’ve had.

  1. McDonald’s drive through: the cashier dropped my coffee punch card between the window and the car. She replaced it quickly and added extra punches for the inconvenience.
  2. Best Buy: a recent appliance purchase was defective. I met with the sales manager who was quick to offer to exchange it and make sure we were satisfied even though the initial return time had expired.
  3. National cell phone provider: My upgraded phone was on order and seriously delayed in a transfer from one store to another. I called to see if it had arrived. The salesman: “Oh yes, it’s here. But today we are understaffed and there’s already a line out the door—you should come some other day.” WHAT?!  Do you know the price of your phones and plans? Come in another day?

Whether we dwell on it or not, we expect friendly, good service and we recognize poor customer service. How warm and caring is your church’s welcome?  Are you ready for summer guests? Should you consider a secret shopper evaluation?

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