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Where Are You Going?

Jay Hostetler

On a recent trip it struck me that the crowded rental car shuttle bus had people going to the same place. In the moment we all had to get to the terminal. We were all going to the exact same location. Riders stared at their phones wondering if they would get to their flights on time.

So, we were all headed to the terminal, but soon, we would be heading to many different locations.

As leaders it may seem like we are all headed to the same place. But within a moment, we may need to head a different direction.

  • What materials would you use to determine if it is time for a new direction?
  • Are you at a point where you are on the rental car shuttle bus heading to the same place as everyone else on your ministry team?
  • Or are you at the gate ready to board a jet to a new ministry experience?

During my ministry career I have been an advocate of ministry longevity. I’ve enjoyed the benefit of staying in one place for an extended period of time. Longevity gains equity with both paid staff and volunteers. But how do you know when it’s time for a ministry transition?

Passion for your present ministry could provide an answer. Are you yet energized by new ideas and implementing them? Or do you feel your work is complete and you are released from the present place? It can be difficult to transition if you are weary or discouraged or choose to make a change due to frustration. Doing so may create a challenge providing the necessary energy you will need into the next ministry position.

A desire to serve God in a different capacity could also help you process timing. Have you grown in your ministry; do you need to challenge yourself in a different or larger role?

Transition can be the best time to trust God more and trust ourselves less. It can be the ministry moment that leads you to the best God has for you.

How do you process changes? Where are you going? Need to talk about it?  Let’s talk!  616-403-5821

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