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Donna Hostetler, October 26, 2015 I recently met my dear friend Doris in downtown Chicago early one morning. We started the day looking for a place to eat a bite. We found a local market just off Michigan Ave. that…

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Who’s Scooping the …?

Donna Hostetler, October 19, 2015 As I drove into the park a couple of weeks ago, I thought this sign was very interesting. No horses allowed. I've never seen a sign like this. Hmmm. They're beautiful animals and one of…

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Ministry Strategy

Jay Hostetler I love college football! I will quickly admit that I spent many hours on a recent Saturday watching the young men pass the pigskin.  Most of us get excited about potential upsets; it’s fun to root for the…

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Keep Calm and Recharge

Donna Hostetler, October 6, 2015 Did you see the story in the “Morning Rounds” segment of CBS This Morning on Thync, the triangular device that attaches to your head to give you a low dose of electric current? It’s designed…

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