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2016 New Beginnings

Donna Hostetler, January 3, 2016

Isn’t that the ultimate expression of our ministry focus?  New beginnings, new life, a new creation in Christ. All of our efforts are focused toward one goal—winning the lost, bringing hope to those without.

At our house, we watch football. We particularly watch the Steelers or whomever they need to eliminate to make the playoffs. During half-time, coaches attempt to correct whatever needs to change in the 2nd half of the game. It’s time to pass the ball or run it more.  And this is where my half-time knowledge ends. I’m sure the locker room conversation is intense with much more strategy, especially if you’re behind on the scoreboard.

2016 It’s January and its half-time in the ministry year before summer comes. What needs to be done differently in this New Year, in the next few months?  How can we sharpen our ministries, be more innovative and collaborate better together? What new strategies can be incorporated?  In order for our efforts to bring about the desired result, we have to work together.  We must maximize our efforts and our time.

Do you need a fresh objective perspective on your ministries (Children, NextGen, guest connections)?  Does your staff meeting need a boost or a new approach? Do you have the correct people in the correct positions on your team? Do you need a ministry coach for yourself or a staff member?

We love to work with leaders to maximize ministry. We are excited about 2016 and would love to help you by providing that fresh perspective or encourage new strategies.

(Please feel free to call us even if you’re not a Steelers’ fan like my husband)


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