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A Glimpse of God

Jay Hostetler, February 25, 2015

Throughout a lifetime of ministry it has been possible to see God in the lives of transformed individuals. It could be at a water baptism, an altar or in a classroom or in someone’s living room or a restaurant.

In recent days of transition, I am being reminded regularly that God is in absolute control of my life. So here’s the story. I recently stepped away from being on a church staff. Both my wife and I have been “all in” in the local church for many years. Instead of coasting toward retirement, I wondered if I should step out to help many churches and leaders with their ministries, a passion of my heart. This has been an extension of my ministry while on staff but I’ve prayerfully considered a full time approach. My church partnered with me to launch us and the events of the last few months have been remarkable.

God’s Beauty: I have complained more about winter in west Michigan than you can imagine. But in recent days I have observed the amazing colors in a winter sky and the peaceful nature of falling snow. We took a walk along Lake Michigan’s shoreline and marveled at the solidly frozen waves and lake.

God’s Provision: Because of crazy ministry schedules, my wife and I have been in a pattern of eating out often. In the last few months, God has provided an unexpected blessing. At the close of our meal, our server has announced our bill was already paid. This has happened on more than one occasion. This has been humbling and a reminder that God provides through his people and their obedience.

God’s Affirmation: So it’s not easy to step into a ministry as an independent contractor. What happens if there is no ministry available? Trust me, I’ve thought a lot about that. But God is so faithful to affirm us when we need it the most. My wife and I recently attended a birthday party of a pastor’s wife we served with many years ago. To our surprise we had the most encouraging, affirming time with friends we had not seen for many years. Reflection on our ministry times together was an affirmation that exciting times lie ahead!

All of this reminds me of the importance to take time to observe and be thankful for the glimpses of God that regularly come my way.

Where do you see glimpses of God?

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