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Advice from a Winning Coach

Jay Hostetler, April 19, 2017

The UCONN Huskies’ ladies’ basketball team performance has been unprecedented. They have experienced historical winning streaks spanning seasons of competition. They have had the good fortune to acquire top talent to the program for many seasons.

It was in a recent unexpected loss that the reason for their amazing success became apparent. Their secret sauce resides within the character and competency of their head coach, Geno Auriemma. In a post-game interview, he told his disappointed team that they were feeling something that they had caused hundreds of other opponents to feel: losing the game. As a great coach, he emphasized that responding to losses is a great lesson to grow from.

Earlier in the season, Coach Auriemma shared his philosophy around playing the team members who were engaged. He values those players who, while even on the bench, are totally involved in what is happening between the lines.

Coach Auriemma focused on two key life lessons in these brief interviews: empathy and engagement.

In my coaching practice, I love to explore how my church clients are paying attention to the needs of those around them. In the moments of ministry, performance and production, it is easy to become me-focused and not practice empathy for others. I also find that motivating staff leaders to bring high levels of engagement to every gathering is essential.

My coaching experience in the church world and on the basketball floor has given me a lifetime of experience. If you need a coach, give us a call. 616-218-8895

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