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Timing is Everything

On a recent flight from Houston, I was looking at my boarding pass after takeoff. Just a few minutes before we departed, this paper was a great necessity to me; it provided my access to my seat on the plane.…

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3 Ways to Support the Lead Pastor in the Summer

It’s mid-July and I remember it well after decades of being a full-time staff pastor. Is your lead pastor away on sabbatical, study leave, or an extended vacation? I can certainly write much about my summer ministry experiences, i.e.: Keeping…

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Church Plant Cords, Cables, & Competition?

Donna Hostetler, March 29, 2015 This morning it was our awesome privilege to be a part of a church plant pre-launch Sunday in Downers Grove, IL. Next Sunday, Easter morning will be the exciting official launch of City Wave church.…

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