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Why Not?

Jay Hostetler, November 2, 2015 I love the financial advisor commercial on TV where the kid continues to ask his dad “why not?” in relation to his dad’s working relationship with his broker. The “why not” question provokes feelings of…

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Ministry Strategy

Jay Hostetler I love college football! I will quickly admit that I spent many hours on a recent Saturday watching the young men pass the pigskin.  Most of us get excited about potential upsets; it’s fun to root for the…

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Staffing Strategies

Jay Hostetler An enormous amount of staff transition is expected over the next decade. In fact, much has been a result of the pandemic in our country and this trend will continue for a variety of reasons. Founding pastors reaching…

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“Outsight” Required

Jay Hostetler, July 16 As church leaders we are constantly processing ideas to help us move things forward. This process takes many forms. We talk to our ministry teams. We talk to colleagues; maybe we hire an external voice like…

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Winning Teams

  Jay Hostetler, March 25, 2015 Recently on sports radio a nationally known basketball coach was describing the top teams that remained in the NCAA tournament. In his description he gave some teams high grades on athleticism and raw basketball…

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