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Jay Hostetler, January 29, 2016

Coaching is a continuous cycle.

The Alabama Crimson Tide recently posted yet another National Championship in college football. Coach Lou Saban was interviewed on a sports program the morning after the game. He was, of course, proud of his players and his coaches and grateful for another championship. It was interesting that he reported he would be on the recruiting trail the next day! No golf outing or trip to Disney World for Saban. He was taking the steps necessary to build his next winning team.

I spend many of my hours each month coaching ministry leaders. Coach Saban illustrates for me some key factors in a successful coaching process.

Work your plan

If we had a chance to know Saban’s plan we would probably recognize that he was going recruiting on January 13 whether Alabama had won or lost the championship game. His planning toward spring football and yet another season in the fall is probably in place.

In ministry, it takes courage to work the plan. Ministry is changing at a rapid pace: staff transitions occur, felt-needs of congregants change, and the urgent can be suffocating. Sticking to the plan can provide stability and calm in the midst of chaos.

Detail matters

Detail effectiveness can help you drive the ministry. Busy times and confusing strategy directions can disrupt the rhythm of detail completion. Stick with the details, don’t allow distraction to deter your mission to empower volunteers and serve people.

Focus on the future

When Coach Saban is recruiting, he knows the types of athletes he needs at Alabama. Those athletes may not stay at Bama for 4 years because the best ones get drafted early. But he is focused on building toward the future.

My love for coaching ministry leaders drives me to ask my clients a lot of questions. My strategy is to help them to be effective in their present ministry operations and to consider how to be future minded.

Do you need a coach to ask you the questions to keep you future focused and on point, assist as you manage change in your church, or challenge your thinking by providing a neutral perspective? Give me a call.

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