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Are you working well together as a team or operating in silos?  Are your ministry conversations effective, creating the results you desire?

At the heart of growing organizations is an effort to harvest the best ideas from different people. In the church, this emphasis has often been on placing experts in positions and allowing them to flourish. A better approach is to create a culture of teamwork collaboration where cross-functional idea-sharing and practices are utilized, dissuading ministries from operating in silos. At MinistryWave, we want the church to thrive utilizing these methods.

As consultants, we engage whole teams or ministry specialty teams in energized conversation as we focus on the present ministry and generate dialogs. We help your teams brainstorm and process for future waves of change, innovation and growth. This approach is customized.

Target discussions (subject to client needs) may include:

  • Strategy
  • Cross-functional development
  • Team alignment
  • Problem solving
  • Next Gen master plan
  • Moving the Church from plateau to growth

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