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Deep Dive Now!

A trip to Maui offered us the opportunity to snorkel floating underwater near the surface allowing us to see the beautiful coral reefs and saltwater fish. Scuba diving requires training to dive deep underneath the sea and see a magnificent variety of marine life.  Scuba is a more intense approach taken on by those who willing make the commitment to learn and apply the info.

Uncertainty has riddled organizations, churches, and non-profits for the last few years and especially during the pandemic. This uncertainty is fueled by a lack of information that remains locked deep in the minds of those who are concerned, frustrated, and stymied about next steps.

As a church strategist, I am always excited to help churches get unstuck. One method we use to discover what is causing the neutral position of a church is “deep dive.” Healthy churches do a thorough internal analysis every 3-5 years. 

The purpose of the “dive” is to listen, ask a lot of questions and begin to discover the patterns that have led the church to unchanging rhythmic patterns, slow down or even feeling frustrated. The interruption of Covid has led many churches to re-examine their approach to how they are reaching and discipling people. Many churches have taken a 20—30% hit on attendance and unfortunately some of these attendees will not return.

As churches move forward, the appeal to new congregants has become a significant consideration. At MinistryWave, we believe that a starting point can be a “deep dive” to determine the church’s present reality. From this “position,” innovative, compelling approaches can be recommended to help churches grow.

A “deep dive” is a multi-day on-site, thorough assessment of all ministry areas and leadership practices in light of mission and vision objectives. We help you examine bottlenecks for growth or broken pipelines to new potential attendees.  We will engage in hours of leadership conversations and focus groups and then provide customized recommendations and coaching. We believe the opportunity to influence new people with the gospel message is greatly enhanced when a church has an honest assessment of their present approach and a direction for the future.

Deep dive scuba provides the opportunity to immerse into a space where often unimaginable beauty and nature are present. Perhaps a deep dive of your church’s ministries will unfold new avenues for the future you never considered. We would love to dive in with you. Give us a call for more information. 727-755-6778

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