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Time for a Deep Dive at your church?

Have you ever been snorkeling? When you’re sitting on the beach, the view of the waves would never suggest such an amazing world exists just below the surface. There’s so much more to see and experience!

As a church, what does a guest experience when they walk in? Do regular attendees invite their friends? Do you have a progressive, engaging environment with a focus on ministry excellence?  Are you plateaued or stuck without new initiatives?

Thriving or struggling churches should always be looking to review and improve. Whatever your situation or season of life for your church, we love to engage with ministry leaders to brainstorm toward forward momentum. As we move beyond the pandemic, it’s a great time to evaluate, re-imagine ministry, and welcome the world into our churches to see, hear, and experience what we’re really about.

The MinistryWave Deep Dive provides an in-depth objective approach to evaluate your present state in respect to vision and mission. We focus on your specific targets for assessment which may include conversations around strategy, discipleship, age level ministries, team alignment and collaboration, systems, and future dreams and goals.

The Deep Dive is an on-site multi-layered project involving dialogs with leadership and multiple focus groups representing specific, or all areas of church life.  After compiling all information along with the demographics of your area, we follow up with a report and recommendations for engineering next steps.  The Deep Dive includes a season of leadership coaching to process future waves of change.

MinistryWave has served churches of various sizes throughout the United States with client-customized approaches. We have worked with a variety of urban, suburban, and church plants. These represent established churches led by young leaders and those with seasoned pastors.

If you’re ready to jump in for a Deep Dive, call us at 727-755-6778 for more information.

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