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Are your present ministries performing exceptionally, or adequately? Are you attracting new families that return? Are you seeing kids discipled? Are you experiencing growth?   

MinistryWave provides on-site evaluations nationally to elevate ministries in churches of all sizes. Whether you are in a season of growth or feel stagnated, you may benefit from a fresh, objective evaluation of ministries. The MinistryWave on-site approach provides a balance in affirmation along with forward-challenging recommendations. (Feel free to ask us for recent clients.)

Our approach includes meeting with staff members, key leadership and focus groups to gather balanced information. Our evaluation and recommendations are not a cookie-cutter approach but are specific to the needs of your situation. Once we collect all the data, we provide you with a ministry brief and roadmap with recommendations for future direction.



  • Process includes: Ministry observation, leadership interviews, focus groups (parents, volunteers, students), recommendations
  • Ministry group options for evaluation, as requested by client:
    • Children’s Ministry
    • Students/NextGen Ministry
    • Children’s Ministry Facility (new project/expansion or remodel)
    • First Impressions & Guest Services
  • Focus for study as requested by client may include (subject to client’s need):
    • Team design
    • Program
    • Volunteer recruiting/retention
    • Safety, security
    • Facility
    • Guest impressions/connections/return


  • Process includes: Ministry observation, reimagining strategy, training/developing leaders, and recommendations for growth
  • Focus area options (as requested)
    • Team Design
    • Leadership Development
    • Next Gen/Family Ministry
    • Children’s Ministry


For more information on Elevating Ministries, contact us at 616-218-8895 or email

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