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Equipped to Serve

My name is Brett Wiersma, and I am a middle school youth pastor in Pella, Iowa.  The church that I work for is quite large and when I first arrived here five years ago, I was TERRIFIED!  I was seven hours away from all my friends and family (aka my safety net), and had close friends tell me NOT to take this job because I wasn’t ready.  I did not have a college education, nor did I have any formal theological training, so on paper, they were right – I wasn’t ready!  But I firmly believe that God equips those he calls – and I know he called me to Pella, Iowa!

To give me some “further education”/ministry training, my supervisor at church thought it would be helpful for me to have a “ministry coach.”  Someone to help me get acclimated to ministry and to have someone outside of church to hear me out if I had problems and to offer advice.  It was one of the most fruitful relationships I’ve ever had in ministry!  My ministry coach had over two decades of experience (which included speaking with ministry leaders from all around the country).  He was able to give me a worldview that was different than the one I had at my church in Iowa – so helpful!  There were times when I wanted input from someone who had ‘been there’ before and who could share what they would do/not do in a given situation.  My ministry coach was the ultimate encourager, especially when times were tough and my job was weighing heavily on my shoulders.  He shared hard truths with me when I need them, and gave me grace when I was hard on myself. 

I don’t think I would have had as much success in my ministry role without my coach.  Talk to your supervisor and sign up for a ministry coach TODAY!

Brett Wiersma, theMIX Middle School Youth Pastor, Third Church, Pella, Iowa






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