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Jay Hostetler, February 3, 2016

The first of the year and early spring in West Michigan provides a great opportunity to evaluate some things. Rising temperatures and the desire to bust through cabin fever leads to a new focus on outdoor projects which have been hidden under our annual snow pack and laid aside for winter. I’ve got my eye on yard clean-up.

Churches are busy places with many priorities. In the rush of week to week ministry activities, sometimes things that need attention are overlooked or postponed for another day. The benefit of ministry evaluations is that “fresh eyes” may notice these overlooked issues. Some things may be glaring and others may be subtle but it is a good idea to push the pause button and evaluate.

In a recent article in Harvard Business Review, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, shared two great thoughts:

  • History shows that if you let people go where their curiosity takes them, great things unfold.
  • In research, you have to fund all frontiers, then cross pollinate them.

So what? Curiosity to do things better should lead us to freely evaluate our ministries. And the best way to innovate is to include a lot of pioneering ideas and pick the best.

I am convinced after participating in hundreds of ministry evaluations that the most fulfilling results occur when a team is willing to execute change and pay attention to the details.

At MinistryWave, evaluations are a painless process! We can help you identify those “overlooked” areas or details that your guests or families may notice and discuss over lunch. Evaluations may help you determine if you have the best programs or recruiting tools in place, if your facility has unaddressed needs for a facelift or general organization. My wife loves the HGTV programs where a couple walks in the door of a prospective purchase and notices all the things the homeowner would never notice week after week living in the space.

In a weekend, we can provide you “fresh eyes” to see your ministry. We will give you a thorough evaluation specific to your need and a real time brief. Let us help you with your spring cleaning!

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