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How Excited is that Doggy in the Window?

Donna Hostetler, April 2, 2015

I passed by the car parked next to mine and noticed the keenly focused look on the face of the dog staring out the window of that car. He never even noticed me passing in front of him. I wasn’t the one he wanted to see. I knew he was waiting with great anticipation for his master to return. And perhaps when the master came back he would bring a treat. But in reality, all the dog cared about was seeing his owner whom he affectionately adored. That’s what makes dogs so special, right?

My spirit was nudged as I thought about it for a moment and questioned how much I anticipate seeing Jesus return. Do I ponder it, do I get excited about the possibility as being any moment? Am I watching with anticipation?

Given that it’s Easter week, it was a simple reminder that just as Jesus came, died for me and rose again—He will come back. I want to be watching and waiting with expectancy just like the doggy in the window.

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