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Children’s Ministry–Fired Up or Worn Out?

Is your children’s ministry dynamic, fired up and getting ready for a new summer thrust and guests and engaging with volunteers to recruit for the fall team?  Or is everyone on the team worn out and exhausted?

Has your children’s ministry leader left for greener pastures?  Are you at risk of program chaos and volunteer fallout? 

It happens! This is the season of transitions. And it’s often a challenge to replace a leader with another qualified leader. Searches for a new children’s ministry leader often take 4—6 months or longer. This time period can be especially exhausting for the leaders or volunteers who remain to hold the program together. Transition and change is never easy. And adding to that is the reality that there are few candidates available for the hundreds of positions that are always needing to be filled. How many families are affected in the meantime? How many seek out other churches? This loss is not always realized and calculated. Once a new leader is in place, there is another transition as they learn the “culture” of your environment and “get acquainted” with the people, processes, and vision of the church. This all takes time—valuable time. This can limit the new leader’s ability for effective ministry in the first several months. Though temporary, this can be another setback for the team and program.

We love to work with church leaders in this transition phase. If you want to decrease the neutral zone of this ministry transition time, call us. Let us explain how we can help you get your children’s ministry fired up and equipped with a new leader in a short amount of time.


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