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January Thaw

Jay Hostetler, January 23

This winter in West Michigan has been a little on the unique side as far as weather goes. We have been warmer than normal, leading to unusual conditions. More rain and fog, and less snow has been part of our daily routine. Even though it has been warmer, I am sure winter is not over!

But the warmth has led me to take on tasks usually reserved for early spring. Cleaning the garage, some light yardwork and of course, thinking about my first round of golf in 2017.

What does it mean to you to get a jumpstart on your ministry responsibilities? Are you taking proactive steps to ensure that when the pressure starts you will be prepared to be effective?  The busyness of December can leave ministry leaders numb, but an early year jumpstart can be helpful to lead to effective ministry strategy and focus in spring and summer.

During my 20 years on the West coast, seasonal rhythms were not as noticeable. But in the Midwest, winters can feel like the big slowdown. So, the great January thaw of 2017, has created some forward thinking for me. I am excited to get on with it regarding planning and execution.

I’ve been contemplating:

  • What’s on the goal list for the year ahead?
  • Am I willing to try something new?
  • What can I do now to get a jumpstart?
  • Who can I connect with to brainstorm or more effectively meet my goals?
  • What should I be reading to find inspiration?

As you lead, lead with enthusiasm and try to be proactive. Proactive leaders will have the margin to adjust when schedules become full and can more effectively execute their dreams.

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