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Do you have leadership transition happening? Are you thinking of engaging a national search firm? Transitions are inevitable in local church leadership. According to Leadership Network, every year there are 40,000 pastoral transitions. Changes can be difficult, or well managed with a positive perspective toward the future. MinistryWave offer unique options in searching for leaders through a national network of relationships or a process of working with an internal candidate.

We specialize in helping churches who need Next Gen and Children’s Ministry leaders. These age-level ministries are critical to a church who values engaging families and growing younger. The Next Gen and Children’s ministry world is desperate for creative, trained, and effective leaders. The demand is great and the supply is highly limited. Though we have national connections to awesome leaders for this age level, a high percentage of children’s ministry leaders are indigenous. We can help you assess and choose a potential internal candidate, and develop them through coaching to become a strategic ministry leader. Call us to see how we can help you find your next age level leader and answer any questions you may have about our process. At MinistryWave, it’s a high calling to develop leaders who will make an impact on the next generation. Check out our search blog:

Service Options:

  • Evaluation to prepare for the next leader
  • Provide a national candidate search, or
  • Profile, assess, interview potential internal candidates
  • Assist leadership transition process
  • On-board new team member for success through a well-defined coaching program


For more information on Leadership Transitions, contact us at 616-218-8895 or email

Ripple: a small wave or series of waves on the surface.  Rip currents: an undertow of water and the greatest surf zone hazard to all beachgoers. Two tide terms–one produces a small effect and the other quite a large one. Some ministry leadership transitions create a ripple effect while others a major rip current. Call MinistryWave to keep your transition a ripple!  


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