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Are your present ministries attracting families? Are you seeing kids discipled? Are you experiencing growth?   

MinistryWave understands the importance of connecting with new guests and reaching families. We provide a three day on-site evaluation to elevate ministries. We work nationally with churches of all sizes. Sometimes the focus is on an age-level ministry like Children’s or Youth. Or perhaps a facility remodel or refresh is needed. Or maybe there’s a need to focus on guest connections and closing the back door.

Our thorough approach includes meeting with key leadership, paid staff members, and focus groups to gather balanced information. Our evaluation and recommendations are not a cookie-cutter approach but are specific to your situation. Once we collect all the data, we provide a ministry brief and recommendations for future direction and change. And if coaching is desired for follow-up on the project, we offer packages to inspire you!  (Feel free to ask us for recent clients.) 


For more information on Ministry Evaluations, contact us at 616-218–8895.

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