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Ministry Halftime

Jay Hostetler, February 3

As another football season ends, I have been reflecting on the many amazing games I witnessed. The most interesting occurrence for me is the way that teams make a second half comeback. These comebacks are often a result of halftime adjustments. It is an interesting debate whether teams win with superior talent or superior strategies. I lean toward the best strategies.

This time of year, is ministry halftime. We have experienced fall launch, new programs, and the excitement of Advent. (And possibly the exhilaration of year end giving.)

As we move into the second half we will experience the following:

  • Volunteer fatigue
  • Paid team fatigue
  • Possible unmet ministry expectations
  • Lent season and the celebration of Easter
  • Potential attendance dips
  • Summer ministry preparations

Halftime adjustments!

Are you considering any strategic moves to positively affect the rest of the ministry academic year?

Maybe it’s time to evaluate declining programs. Maybe it’s time to innovate, or maybe it’s time for a new approach with your ministry personnel. It’s always healthy to pause, pray and listen to a transformational God whisper.

At MinistryWave, we love to have halftime dialogs—give us a call!



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