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Seasons of Ministry Balance or Fatigue

Once the fall season kicks into its own rhythm, it’s easy to assume there’s a moment to relax, enjoy the seasonal changes along with a latte–spiced pumpkin of course. And just then, you realize Christmas isn’t too far away.

We coach Lead Pastors, Executive Pastors, Children’s ministry and Next Gen leaders through the changing cycles of the ministry year and ideally help to prepare them for the next season before it’s upon them. And each quarter of the year holds a huge variety of focuses. There’s a great need to plan ahead for the many details that go into special events and week-to-week ministry programming. No matter what ministry staff position you hold, the “laundry never gets done”.

Having said that, it’s also critical that ministry is balanced with personal life. Often, ministry leaders find their lives imbalanced with the ongoing, immediate demanding needs and find themselves subject to fatigue, irritability and burnout.

Here’s just a few items on the checklist for balance:

  • Do you have a regularly scheduled space for quiet in your day?
  • Do you spend time in a personal activity for fun?
  • Do you date your spouse? And enjoy it without conversation about your work?
  • If you have children, do you know their friends, all their favorites? Have you played a game lately?
  • Do you work after hours or place boundaries on your work?
  • Do you hang with friends and kick back?
  • Do you give yourself a technology break from emails and text messages?

To be effective, you need balance. So, as the seasons change, enjoy the chai tea or cappuccino and re-evaluate the balance in your life before the next big thing on your to-do list is screaming. And if you need to a coach to help create that balance in your life, give us a call. We value the importance of life and ministry balance. 616-218-8895

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