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Mom Zoomed into Heaven

Donna Hostetler, February 28, 2016

It’s been a bit of a ministry sabbatical for me this month as I sat daily with my mom in the early days of February—her last earthly days and released her into the hands of her loving Savior. She is at peace with the Prince of peace and I believe dancing around heaven, enjoying sweet conversations and singing her favorite songs, most written by Gloria Gaither.

The last 18 months I’ve had the opportunity to assist my mom through 2 broken hips and an ongoing physical decline. I learned so much from her about patience and grace through it all. I revisited her life with her, recalling countless memories and understanding how much she loved and prayed for her family. It was a privilege to spend this time with her and watch her earthly focus become even more eternal.

Many have shared with me their appreciation for my mom through loving cards and words of encouragement. I’m so grateful. I’ve also heard many express their sympathy as she “passed.” I personally believe my mom didn’t pass, but she ZOOMED into heaven. She was ready!

All of this has given me a personal new focus regarding the limited time I have on this earth. Eternity is closer than ever. The urgency of the gospel message I have to share is greater in my heart. My need to be more prayerful for my family is critical. My time needs to be spent well. I need to be sure that I use it wisely each day. I watched my mom display all of this and I probably didn’t appreciate it as much as I do today. I wouldn’t bring her back to this world, but I sure miss those twinkling eyes, that sweet smile and her greeting every day, “I’m so glad you came today!”  Someday she’ll greet me with that again.

Lord, help me to be all you need me to be before I too, zoom into eternity.

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