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Dan Reiland, Executive Pastor, 12Stone Church, Atlanta, GA

I met Jay Hostetler in San Diego and have known him for 25 years. Jay has a proven track record of helping church leaders get better at what they do. As a coach and a consultant he knows how to interpret challenges and provide practical solutions. Jay is a great guy, you can trust him. His relational style and leadership experience contribute to an enjoyable working relationship. I recommend him to you to address your church’s consultation needs.

Katie Peterson, Life Stages Pastor, Third Church, Pella, Iowa

Having an advocate in ministry and an expert who has a plethora of ministry experience and is well researched in ministry trends is so beneficial. But to have such an advocate and expert in a coach is a true blessing. Jay doesn’t just supply information and ask what I’m going to do about it, he builds the bridge to help both myself and ministry leaders contextualize the ideas and theories to our unique church culture. Our ministries are so grateful to have this coaching relationship with him!

Dan Webster, Founder – Authentic Leadership, Inc.

I’ve known Jay for years. He is a gifted leader, strategist, coach, and man of integrity. He has a rare ability to help others get to places they’ve only dreamed of. If you’re looking for someone to help you live into your full potential…Jay is the man. I endorse him completely.

JP Dorsey, Academic Dean, Northpoint Bible College, Grand Rapids, MI

Jay Hostetler has been a great friend and ministry partner. During the two years he served with us as part of our faculty team at Northpoint Bible College, his investment into both the leadership and children’s ministry students was substantial. His classroom was consistently driven by a relational, hands-on approach to education and valued by the students.

Gary Dixon, Executive Director, Northwest Ministry Conference, Seattle, WA

I have known Jay for over 30 years. In church ministry positions as well as consulting for David C. Cook, he has always developed a ministry with excellence as his watchword. Jay’s strengths are understanding the now, looking to what is needed for a successful future and developing a plan on how to get there while bringing everyone along with him.

Chad Hoffman, Executive Pastor Family Life, Alderwood Community Church, Lynnwood, WA

Jay might be one of the best definitions of a true coach; someone in your corner rooting for your success along the way. His smart and intuitive sense for strategic ministry has helped fast-track my leadership and the teams I lead. I’d recommend that any church leader who wants to take their ministry further, to get Jay involved with their planning process.

Christine Yount Jones, Executive Editor, Group Publishing

Jay Hostetler is an insightful, wise expert in children’s ministry. He’s served as a consultant at our national KidMin Conference and as a writer for Children’s Ministry Magazine. We’re always thrilled when we can partner with Jay!

Mike Pitts, Director of Children and Family, Browncroft Community Church, Rochester, New York

Jay has been a valuable resource for me throughout our coaching relationship. After meeting with Jay during a ministry evaluation at our church, we developed a mentoring relationship that allowed me to utilize Jay’s knowledge and experience to better shape and improve our ministry. His thought provoking questions have challenged me to be a better leader and the ideas we discussed served to advance our ministry into new directions.

Rev. Dr. David H. McElrath, Senior Pastor, Graham Memorial Presbyterian Church, Coronado, CA

The first time I heard Jay speak, I knew he had a lot  to offer. After the presentation, I walked up to him and introduced myself as his “new best friend!”  Jay guided my early ministry days with insights and observations that would have taken me years to discover on my own.  When one of my staff needed some coaching, Jay was my “go to” guy. Give him a call! You won’t regret it!

Jack Lynn, Clear Vision, Holland, MI

I have had the privilege of working with Jay and Donna for several years. They have been very effective at evaluation, recruiting, and retaining volunteer staff, and have demonstrated effective leadership in a variety of areas. They have a heart for the church and will be very effective at helping your church evaluate and become even more effective in your ministry.

Peter Yoshonis, Lead Pastor, All Shores, Spring Lake, MI

Jay, came in, made our team feel at home. He encouraged, coached, challenged and helped us to become better leaders and a better team. I highly recommend Jay to any team looking for coaching. Jay has served us in a way that is centered on relationship, question asking and feedback. He understands the need for truth within relationship. So there is honesty with care. Definitely recommend him!

Mike Quinn, Lead Pastor, Newbreak Church, San Diego, CA

Jay has been a key to help us transition from a small church to a larger church. His knowledge of children in our culture has been a great benefit to help us adapt our growing children’s program. Jay started with us as a coach for our children’s pastor and has also been a great personal coach for me as well.

Steve Schultz, Volunteer, Central Wesleyan Church, Holland, MI

Jay and Donna were a great inspiration for my wife and me when they came to Central Wesleyan. They gave us the moral support we needed and supported our teaching environment. Through their observations, we tweaked what Park Central looked like from a parent’s and child’s perspective when they entered the room until they left room so that everyone could experience Christ’s presence at work.”

Thomas Lozano, Executive Director, City Kids USA, Petaluma, CA

Jay is a gifted consultant and passionate about seeing his clients reach their full potential in their ministry. He is especially effective at combining insights about leadership with the latest trends in ministry to children.

Sam Rijfkogel, Lead Pastor, Grand Rapids First Assembly of God, Grand Rapids, MI

Jay and Donna’s thorough evaluation provided us with plan action items that we can implement now and for the future. Their warm and approachable spirit made it easy for our children’s ministry team and volunteers to communicate openly in regard to the needs of our ministry.

Jennifer Hooks, Managing Editor of Children’s Ministry Innovations at Group Publishing (Children’s Ministry Magazine and Children’s Ministry Professional Edition)

Jay is consistently one of the wisest, most trustworthy voices in the wonderful field of children’s ministry today. His advice and insight is unfailingly honest and fresh. He’s a key influence that I rely upon frequently to provide proven expertise to and practical help for all our children’s ministry readers.

Debbie Heiser, Large Group and Events Team Leader, Central Wesleyan Church, Holland, MI

Jay always challenges staff and volunteers to take children’s ministry to the next level. His leadership skills, creativity, and innovative gifts, along with recommendations to keep the technology in our worship venues moving forward, provides teachers and worship leaders with the tools they need to compete with the way today’s students process information.

Jack Warren, Executive Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church North, Plano, TX  (now Chase Oaks Church)

Jay and Donna have been an incredible resource for our church. Even though our children’s ministry was stable and growing, we knew it had room to grow and get better. They have helped us do a complete evaluation and they have proposed a number of changes that we have now implemented. The impact of these changes has been powerful in breathing new life, energy and excitement in our kidzone.

Carl Ducat, Executive Pastor, Grand Rapids First, Grand Rapids, MI

The plan for our ministry evaluation was well laid out and it was very accurate with the things that we noticed and shed some light on new areas. It was a great report. I would recommend Jay and Donna without a doubt. An evaluation is a very worthwhile investment to help equip your ministry team.

Julia Yuen, Minister to Children, Crestwood Baptist Church, Crestwood, KY

I prayed for a ministry coach and the Lord connected me with Donna. I appreciate her insight, ministry experiences, and prayers. She is a blessing to me both in difficult times and in times when ministry is going well.

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