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Strategy Making

A recent article in Harvard Business Review caught my attention.  “Strategy Making in Turbulent Times, a Dynamic New Model.”  Authors Michael Mankins and Mark Gottfredson, point out the need to move organizations forward with a continuous process of strategy making. One of my favorite quotes from the article is this: “To become more adaptable to changing conditions, leaders must approach performance monitoring with a new mindset. The central question cannot be “How did we perform?” Instead, it must be “Should we alter course?”

Covid 19, its aftermath of numerous challenges, and the ongoing transitions in leadership have created a new awareness for innovation and rethinking of “how we do church.” As a church strategist, I am processing the need with church leaders to effectively move forward in what has been an unprecedented season in the life of most churches. Obviously much has changed, but churches are somewhat operating with the same approaches to build their church’s influence and reengage attendees. Perhaps it’s time to alter course.

A few questions to consider:

  • Does your church have a fresh multi-year outlook?
  • Do you have an individual or a team that is focused on “strategy making” apart from the daily/weekly whirlwind?
  • Does your team collaborate well and “think outside the box” to do new things?
  • Are you focusing on the Next Generation with financial support and high-level personnel?
  • Do you have team members who need a mentor or coach?  
  • Are team members spiritually healthy, and well resourced?
  • Does your connection with your community reflect a forward-looking strategy in light of local needs and outreach?

At MinistryWave we have more questions and ideas that may help you examine your present strategy and determine if your team is focused on the future with innovative approaches. We join with local church leaders through both on-site visits and through “virtual” methods to tackle forward thinking. It doesn’t matter what size you are. We are helping different size churches with an objective approach to help them engage more people.

The time for change is now; we can help! Give us a call to see if we can rethink the future with you. For more information: 616-218-8895

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