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Are your ministry team conversations effective, creating the results you desire? Do you have an Executive Pastor or need someone as a Catalyst to fill that role on your team? 

We engage whole teams or ministry specialty teams in energized conversation as we focus on the present ministry and generate dialogs. We  help your teams brainstorm, processing future waves of change, innovation and growth.  Much like the role of an Executive Pastor, we can facilitate a weekly or monthly conversation allowing the lead pastor to listen and better engage in the process. We work with teams to create cross-functional idea-sharing, dissuading ministries from operating in silos. This can be provided on-site, in a Zoom Google Hang-out call.  (If you don’t have an EP, consider this approach–no vacation or benefit package required.)  Call us at 616-218-8895 for more info.

Target discussions (subject to client needs) may include:

  • Strategy
  • Cross-functional development
  • Team alignment
  • Attractional ministry for a younger generation
  • Problem solving
  • Children’s or Next Gen master plan
  • Moving the Church from plateau to growth

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