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Teamwork is Still #1

Jay Hostetler

A few years ago, I made a trip to Lexington, Kentucky for a conference. I determined that I would try to watch a UK basketball game as soon as possible. That March on the brink of March Madness, I watched a nationally televised game with KY going for a 31-0 record.

During the game the commentator made an interesting statement. Kentucky was undefeated and did not have a singular superstar. The team’s leading scorer for the season only averaged 11 points per game. Translation—everyone was contributing. The men in blue were near the top of my NCAA bracket that spring!

What makes some teams pull together? Are you in an environment where teamwork is valued, and you experience a lot of cross-functional collaboration? The stakes are high in the church world for teams to be effective. Silos are often the norm as individual leaders strive to improve their areas. It may seem like a no-brainer to some, but does your team meet regularly to plan, review, and dream for the future? We often meet with leaders who don’t do this. We believe collaboration and communication are key to forward momentum.

We would have many illustrations from the sports world and the business world that reinforce the value of teamwork. It may be more difficult to find many churches that function with a high team I.Q. My favorite work experiences are where cooperative teams flourish. Teamwork is hard work. But the more we work together, the more work we accomplish. And it’s clear to the congregation when a team is functioning in harmony, having fun, living out core values, and accomplishing set goals.

The University of Kentucky has learned to equally distribute the ball on the offensive end and cover each other on the defensive field. Whether you feel like your team is playing offense or defense, play together.  

At MinistryWave, we love to brainstorm with teams to provide understanding and develop teamwork. We’re ready to come alongside you and your team. Call us to see how we can develop your teamwork! 616-218-8895

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