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The Coach’s Words

One of my favorite August traditions is watching the Little League World Series. Kids from all over the country compete to reach the series held in Williamsport, PA. Even though I grew up in Western Pennsylvania and played little league, our team never made it to beloved Williamsport.

I love to watch the games to see these young athletes earnestly playing for the love of the game. They also have great skills for their ages which makes the games truly entertaining. But my favorite part by far is listening to the coaches. They share during the game by making trips to the mound and they share post game “short talks” to their teams. 

Most of these coaches are “miked” so viewers can listen in. The coaches seem to have the same goal: positively encourage these young players. Phrases like “I am so proud of you.”, “I have loved this journey with you, ”We’ve got this!” and my favorite, “It’s okay, let’s have fun.” A good coach understands the value of encouraging and not demeaning the player. He gives direction to motivate, knowing the players are learning and growing.

In my coaching practice with leaders, I’ve realized that everyone could benefit from positive input these days. I have been blessed to have a very fulfilling ministry life. In the last 18 months, I have encountered pastors and leaders that have had some difficult and even emotionally challenging moments. Some of this is due in part to the realities of Covid affecting their church ministries, family, or other relationships. Some of it is due to transitions in ministry or uncertainty about the future.

I am aware of the challenges in ministry both from experience and conversations in coaching. I am also aware that there’s a need for encouraging leaders. I am committed to that. If you need that, I’m here to offer you or members on your team that. If you lead others, I encourage you to take a walk to the mound and cheer on a leader or gather the whole team and say “We’ve got this; I love you guys—let’s have some fun and minister to our church family.”

Do you need a coach to inspire, encourage, and recommend direction to you in ministry? Give us a call for more information.

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