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Transitioning with a Coach

Last year I took my first position as the Children’s Ministry Director at a growing church plant that was almost 4 years old. I was eager to get involved with the kids and the volunteers but had no idea some of the challenges that were going to be involved. I was the first full time staff hire the church made. The children’s ministry had several volunteers that had been there since the beginning. Thankfully the church had a ministry coach already in place to help with the hiring and transition process for me.

The investment the church made in the ministry coach was invaluable. Jay and Donna both sat with the lead pastor and me and helped us learn how to work together. Up to this point the lead pastor had been the only one serving full time and had invested a ton into the church. He now had to learn how to let me in. I didn’t even know that this was going to be a challenge, but Jay met with us weekly and brought the questions and conversation pieces to smooth the relationship and transition.

The other challenge was coming in to lead a group of dedicated volunteers that had poured their hearts into the children’s ministry. They started this ministry from nothing, and I was coming in to lead them without previous experience. Having a ministry coach helped me think through these challenges and develop a strategy to build relationships with the team before making any major changes. Because of this guidance, we have now moved the team into a more consistent serving role and have seen the volunteer staff grow.

Having Jay & Donna coach my ministry has been one of the greatest gifts my church could give me as I came into my new role.  Now they are not only my coaches, but they have become trusted friends.

David George
Children’s Ministry Director
LifeBridge Church
South Haven, MI

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