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“It’s only the beginning.”

If you’re an Apple consumer, you know it was the slogan for the iPhone. Obviously, the slogan was correct. As we move forward with technological advances, there is greater opportunity for the church world to be resourced. Zoom and Facetime have already changed the context for some meetings. “It is only the beginning.”  With an increasing shortage of ministry leaders, technology may be an option for some churches with leadership. It’s not for all churches, but maybe it’s for you!

If you’re a leader who is feeling time pressures, team management stress, loneliness, or maybe criticism, consider this…

At MinistryWave, we provide churches an effective, and focused communication approach as a Virtual Executive Pastor (VEP) to support the Lead Pastor. The VEP provides connection with staff leaders while allowing the Lead Pastor to focus on preaching, teaching, leadership, vision casting, and multiplication.

It does not require a large annual salary, “relocation expenses” or a benefit package.

A few highlights provided by the VEP:

  • Planning, directing, evaluating ministries
  • Staff design recommendations
  • Coaching leaders
  • Ministry goal setting and strategic direction
  • Team collaboration vs team conflict
  • Budget review and recommendations
  • Staff meetings, individual meetings by Zoom
  • White board training
  • On-site visits quarterly

For more information, check out the VEP blog, email Jay at, or call 616-218-8895.

MinistryWave has served churches of various sizes throughout the United States with client-customized approaches. We have worked with a variety of urban, suburban, and church plants. These represent established churches led by young leaders and those with seasoned pastors. Many have a full team to carry out the ministry. But for those without an Executive Pastor, consider a VEP!

If you would like more information on a Virtual Executive Pastor, call us at 616-218-8895 for more information.

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