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Welcome to MinistryWaveOcean waves are constant, rolling into shore but ever changing with the tides. So is the ministry of the church. Churches face shifts in staffing, team design or leadership development, changing attendance patterns, and the necessity for support ministry excellence.  

At MinistryWave, we partner with you to focus on your specific culture, needs and goals, and recommend ideas for innovation.

  • We help churches who need NextGen and Children’s leaders by equipping and empowering internal hires to become strategic ministry leaders.
  • We provide leadership coaching programs for all staff leaders.
  • We provide ministry evaluations and recommend future growth initiatives in:
    • Kid’s, Student’s, Next Gen, Guest connections 
  • We offer one-day team collaboration and strategy events                                                                                                                  

What “wave” or season is your church experiencing?  

Are you processing new ideas and need help or a ministry coach? Are you looking for new staff members?

Is your team designed strategically with the right players in the right roles?  Do your age level ministries need evaluating? 

Check out our services under the “Innovation” tab and call us today. We will help you navigate the changing ministry tidal waves.




For more information on any of the MinistryWave services, contact us at 855-MINWAVE (855-646-9283) or email

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