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The Key to Winning

Rob Chagdes, Prairie Lakes Church, Cedar Rapids, IA

I had only been a varsity softball coach for two weeks when I learned I was lacking a key element of a coach.  I didn’t know how to make them better softball players.  I could manage the team, but we didn’t start winning until I hired an assistant coach with the necessary softball knowledge.

When it comes to coaching, the starting point is knowledge.  Without knowledge, it becomes difficult to instruct people and help them improve.

After twenty years in student ministry, I transitioned into a role as a Next Generation Pastor.  The challenge I faced was lack of children’s ministry knowledge.

I sought wisdom from a friend and he directed me to his ministry coach.  I was skeptical.  I’m going to pay this guy to have a conversation with me?  Can’t I just read some books?   The coach had over thirty years of experience in children’s ministry, which was the knowledge I lacked.  I gave it a shot.

It only took one conversation for me to see the value of this relationship.  Jay listened and offered significant insights that could be immediately applied to my context in a way no book could.

As my coach, Jay has helped me through some big decisions in our Next Generation ministry.  He has taken the time to get to know my team and my context, which has only increased the value of his coaching.

Having a ministry expert to reach out to is far more valuable than any resource I’ve had in ministry.  I am a better leader, coach, and team member because of this relationship.

I somehow ended up winning Coach of the Year my first year as a softball coach.  Sometimes the key to winning is knowing when to get help.  When it comes to ministry, the mission is too important not to do everything possible to get better. Call Jay if you want to grow in your ministry.

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